What is it Saturday 5-27-17

Another interesting nick knack.

More on the CNC router

The making of the new Z axis.

Starting with the solid models. You can see the entire assembly. Front and


This solid model shows the changes that we have made.

Pins to maintain alignment, lower bearing for the screw support.

The new upper housing

Now on to the actual nuts and […]

The Passing of Kevin O’Brien

It is with a heavy heart that I pass the news on that Kevin O’Brien has passed. Most of you will know him as Weaponsman.

There is more here.

I really enjoyed his site and went to it several times a day. He will be missed.

The last book that he reviewed I ordered […]

Working on the CNC router

I spent most of this weekend working on the CNC router. My goal is to have it up and running this year.

Quick video of the current state on the router.

To continue I now need a solder station to allow me to make up the wiring harnesses. This is the new solder station […]

A special Thanks

I want to thank Greg at Allegheny Arsenal ,, for sending out some needed 7.92×33 ammo, brass and reloading dies.

Here at Gun Lab we go through a great deal of 7.92×33 ammo testing the weapons that we are making as well as making and using proof loads.

Two cases of prvi Partizan […]

East German KK-MPI-69

I came across this write at The Firearms Blog. I have always found the East German KK-MPI-69 to be an interesting rifle. I thought I would go into a little more depth on the parts of this fascinating trainer.

First the interesting write up at the firearm blob.

Now for some additional pictures of […]

The rest of the weekend update

In addition to working on the router table time was also spent on the fab shop addition.This is the view walking into the addition.

Inside looking out

Looking at the door going to the casting area

Another view going into the casting area

Still more to do. At least now it is kind of water […]

SAR show update

Sorry for the late post on the SAR show, I have just been very tired and busy making up for the lost time in my primary business.

The really interesting items I got at the show was a Japanese type 96 light machine gun parts kit. There was a gent there selling Japanese type 96, […]

Interesting Shotgun

Normally I don’t write a lot about over and under shotguns. I am making the exception for this shotgun. I found this at a shop when I was doing some work there. The owner could not remember the cause but he thought it was either the wrong ammo or bad reloads. Hard to tell but […]

The passing of Mike Dillon

It is with a sad heart that I have to post this. For those of you that never had an opportunity to meet Mike you have missed meeting a great guy. I have a number of fond memories of Mike over the years. He was an amazing man that could seem to remember your name […]