The new Library Part 1

Step one of this whole process was to build a new store room so I could move and organize the old store room which would then be part of the new library building, confused yet I am.

The old store room was a disaster and something need to be done.

A slab was put […]

The great library project

For those of you here at the last SAR get together you would have seen a couple of new building projects. I have a thing about books and magazines. I am a knowledge junkie and it shows. Actually it has gotten out of hand. So, to deal with the problem I have spent one day […]

The going’s on at gun lab, end of year report (late)

This is an end of year update for what has been happening at Gun Lab.

This last year has been a very busy one. The VG1-5 is moving along. We have programmed the Sharps machining center to make the hand guards, video coming soon. A new welding fixture has been made to straighten and weld […]

Part 2 on the VG1-5 barrel fluting

In the last post I talked about the new fluting tool and press. This post is about the actual process.

This is a short video showing the speed and ease of fluting with the new system.

Update on fluting the VG1-5 barrels

The better part of this last year has been spent on the VG1-5 barrel fluting system. A great deal of work has been spent coming up with new designs for the fluting press. A number of prototypes have been made and abandon. In addition the actual fluting tool has been redesign more times then I […]

CNC Router update

Wally, a friend of gun lab, has spent a great deal of time trying to sort out all the issues between Mach 4, the smooth stepper board, and windows 10. To say that it has been a challenge would be a major understatement. There have been 214 upgrades to the smooth stepper board alone plus […]

Another weekend has come and gone

A number of projects have been worked on this weekend. I took a number of pictures and videos but I just wanted to share this with you instead. The work for the weekend is done and my wife and I are setting on our patio enjoying this beautiful Arizona evening.

I will try and make […]

Testing the Gerat 06 prototypes

I spent Saturday out at the shooting area testing the 3 Gerat 06 prototypes.

There is the standard to set the example by and that is the MP-44.

Starting at the top is the 2nd prototype.

2nd down is the STG 45

3rd down is the MP-44

4th is the 1st model prototype


More work on the cnc router

The majority of the mechanical work on the router is completed. Now comes the aggravating part, and that is getting the computer to correctly operate it.

Wally, a friend of gun lab, just spent part of his Sunday helping to get it operational.

There are a number of issues that have to be addressed. Starting […]

The forge

Most of this summer has been working on projects that have been hanging around and needed to be finished. We took in a number of outside jobs to pay the bills. The cash flow issue allowed only the projects that required no money to be accomplished. This lead to a number of items being completed […]