Dealer Showroom deals

Here are a few of the interesting items that I found at Dealer Showroom.

The first and really exciting item is a brand new AR-10 Sudanese hand guard.

There are still 2 of them left.

I am working on a couple of Enfield projects and was able to pick up a few items toward […]

A visit to Dealer Showroom

We arrived at Medford Or. on Saturday and with a rental car drove to Klamath Falls where John Bush and Dealer Showroom is at. John has decided to retire and is cutting back his inventory drastically. With that in mind my wife and I spent all day Sunday and part of Saturday evening looking for […]

A quick update on the vacation

This has been a awesome vacation. I will have a complete update when I get back home, but so far I have found some great gun stuff, had a fun time everywhere. Just today I went crabbing.

Fresh from the ocean

After cooking

What a meal


Taking a little time off

After the grueling work schedule I have had for the last couple of months I have decided to take a little time off. A friend of mine and gun lab has offered my wife and I a room at his motel in Oregon for a few days. So I excepted and I am taking a […]

Part 2 of the Samurai collection

This part deals with the Calvary. Once again the detail to there armor is amazing.

A nice close up.

What detail.


A new Category “Arizona day”

During my normal work week I generally drive 1000 miles and go and see some really interesting stuff. Sometimes it a place or an object or just what is going on in this great state. So I have decided to do a once a week or maybe once every two week post about this state.


What is it Saturday

This might be a little on the hard side. I came across this interesting item and thought you would enjoy seeing it.


My birthday day off.

For my Birthday my wife took me to the Samurai armor display at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was a great way to spend the day. The detail of the work that they accomplished is nothing short of amazing.

As long as you did not use a flash taking pictures was not a problem. There […]

Sunday answer

Thanks to 7_92x57 he has posted an add from the old Parker-Hall company.

A couple of views of it on the rifle.

A side view of it mounted

As seen from the rear of the rifle

Many thanks to John and Dave for this accessory.

Sorry for the delay in putting up this post.


Memorial day

Lest we not forget the reason of this holiday.

This video was made by Randy Wright.