More work in the fab shop


With the extra cabinets from the school I started adding more cabinets in the fab shop. Storage is at a premium everywhere in the shops so these will help a great deal.

More cabinets added.

Mix and match. It works for me

Parts storage and a charging station for the battery operated drills


The loss of another great guy

I am sad to announce the passing of R. Blake Stevens.

I have known Blake for over 30 years. It was his great books that open the world to collectors the world over. He will be missed.

The never ending Library and termite project

It has been a couple of weeks with out a library update so here goes.

The stucco has been stripped off of the walls

The windows have been removed from the wood shop.

All the new framing is complete. The door to the old store room has been removed.

The damaged caused by the termites […]

New addition to the Webley collection

I just picked up a Webley patent Mark 3 revolver in .320. It was made by H. Adkin and sons in Bedford.


You can see that the firing pin is not connected to the hammer but is enclosed in the frame.

The .320 Also known as the .320 European or .320 Bulldog‘ […]

This is so true

I saw this post over at and it describes my view every Monday.

Just wanted to share a beautiful morning

It is the start of another beautiful day today.

This is the view from my front door.

For those of you living in big European cities.

The new library part 5

I understand that people are tried of seeing posts on my new library, however it has taken over a great deal of my time so that is what I get to chat about.

When removing the decking what was thought of as only wood rot also turned out to be termites as well. To confirm […]

The new library part 4

Saturday was spent working on the deck for phase 2 of the library. All new 2×10’s were set in place and 1″ tongue and grove plywood set in place.

With the deck in place there are a couple of small issues that need to be address then the walls for the porch […]

Very good video on a carbon fiber stock coat

I came across this video by accent. It is a good video on doing a carbon fiber wrap on a rifle stock.

The New Library part 3

So with the main library getting closer to completion phase 2 has started. The main library has had the outside walls coated as well as the roof.

All the sheet rock is up and painted. The concrete floor has been stripped and de-greased. The last two steps require a 24 wait period between […]