This is so true

I saw this post over at and it describes my view every Monday.

Just wanted to share a beautiful morning

It is the start of another beautiful day today.

This is the view from my front door.

For those of you living in big European cities.

The new library part 5

I understand that people are tried of seeing posts on my new library, however it has taken over a great deal of my time so that is what I get to chat about.

When removing the decking what was thought of as only wood rot also turned out to be termites as well. To confirm […]

The new library part 4

Saturday was spent working on the deck for phase 2 of the library. All new 2×10’s were set in place and 1″ tongue and grove plywood set in place.

With the deck in place there are a couple of small issues that need to be address then the walls for the porch […]

Very good video on a carbon fiber stock coat

I came across this video by accent. It is a good video on doing a carbon fiber wrap on a rifle stock.

The New Library part 3

So with the main library getting closer to completion phase 2 has started. The main library has had the outside walls coated as well as the roof.

All the sheet rock is up and painted. The concrete floor has been stripped and de-greased. The last two steps require a 24 wait period between […]

The Library part2

Work on the library has started in earnest. The worst thing about the Library build is that the back hoe broke and everything had to be accomplished by hand.

The footer was dug and poured by had using my mixer. The framing was built and then the stem wall was poured.

Ready for concrete for […]

The new Library Part 1

Step one of this whole process was to build a new store room so I could move and organize the old store room which would then be part of the new library building, confused yet I am.

The old store room was a disaster and something need to be done.

A slab was put […]

The great library project

For those of you here at the last SAR get together you would have seen a couple of new building projects. I have a thing about books and magazines. I am a knowledge junkie and it shows. Actually it has gotten out of hand. So, to deal with the problem I have spent one day […]

The going’s on at gun lab, end of year report (late)

This is an end of year update for what has been happening at Gun Lab.

This last year has been a very busy one. The VG1-5 is moving along. We have programmed the Sharps machining center to make the hand guards, video coming soon. A new welding fixture has been made to straighten and weld […]