A Mauser project

With all the Mauser rifles that I picked up something needed to be done with them. I gave a couple to a friend of mine to do some playing around with. At the same time he asked for a couple of single stack AK magazines.

This is his project: Starting with one of the old, rusty Mauser rifles

We cut one of them apart to have a closer look at the condition of the inside of the receiver.

IMG_3379sThe locking lug area looked to be in good condition

IMG_3381sThe reason for cutting this particular rifle was the crack in the rear of the receiver

IMG_3382sHis is one of the Chinese Mauser receivers with fake FN markings but it cleaned up with minimal work.

IMG_3304sHe cut down the rusted barrel and threaded the inside to take a SKS barrel that did not have the gas port drilled in it.


IMG_3313sThen he modified the magazine housing to accept a single stack AK magazine


IMG_3309sHe drilled and tapped the rear of the magazine housing to accept the magazine release lever spring and guide

IMG_3306sand a single stack AK magazine was fitted to feed properly

IMG_3308sA little work had to be done to the AK magazine for proper fit up due to the tolerances in the magazine.

IMG_3310sThe feeding and extraction was tested with dummy rounds.

Now he just needs to find an old sporterised Mauser stock to finish his project.

There are plenty of more Mauser projects here.


A comment from John D.,a friend of gun lab, concerning Chinese Mauser’s.

Chinese Mauser actions should always be proof tested before being used. Mukden (Shenyang) Arsenal was the only Chinese Mauser manufacturer that actually knew what it was doing and had stable processes (regardless of who was in charge) over their entire existence. Mukden was also colocated with the An Shang steel mill, the best in China during the Mauser era. The rest of Chinese Mauser producers were plagued by the vicissitudes of warlord culture. Mukden never used counterfeit identifications on their weapons to the best of my knowledge. A Mukden Model 1935 Mauser rifle compares well with the best from Europe.

7 comments to A Mauser project

  • K.T. Locke

    As I understand it Han Yang Mausers were actually quite well made guns!!! My late father had both a Han Yang K.98, and a Gew. 88 in his collection, and both rifles shot like a champ! Gotta admit, I’d LOVE an AK mag loading Chinese Mauser.

  • Theo

    For some of the really far gone Mausers you could do a few cut-away guns (like your March 15 2017 post). Not sure of the market, but I’d be interested on one, I’m sure it would be a way to get something out of the guns that would otherwise be trash.


    Hello, great videos and articles. When you rebarreled the Mauser rifle the action wrench was a wedged shaped bar and a U shaped receiver cradle. It looked pretty cool and easy to use . What brand is it or is it shop made?. Keep up the great work . Thanks Danney

  • Seth

    I like where this is going! I hope we see more of this project in the (hopefully near!) future.

  • Bryan Gray

    Where are all these mauser barreled actions at now?

  • brian morton

    Are these Chinese Mausers small ring or large ring ,and would you have any left to let an amateur play around with .Would be willing to pay for them if you have any available.


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