Working on the new anvil stand

Most of Sunday was spent on making a new stand for my anvil. The stand that came with the anvil, when I dug it out of a dumpster, is way to short for me.

IMG_3719sDue to the short height I was always having back issues when I did any forging. Finally having a few moments to my self I decided to build a new stand that fit my size.

Starting with old pallet wood, Philippine Mahogany.



IMG_3686sThe ends were cut off to the point where I could find good wood. This was dome on the radial arm saw.

IMG_3690sAfter that step was completed they then went to the joiner.

IMG_3712sThis allowed me to make two of the sides perpendicular. From there they went to the planer.

IMG_3707sThis allowed the sides to be parallel. Then off to the table saw to get them close to the same size.

IMG_3710sThe wood actually looked usable at this point.

IMG_3713sA large amount of material was taken off on some of the boards to accomplish this. Now I needed to put it together as a puzzle.


IMG_3704sThe ends were sanded to make them as flat as possible.

Today it is off to do the metal work. First to grind down flat my base steel.

IMG_3714sThen cut heavy angle iron to support the corners.

IMG_3718sBack to the shop.




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