Fly press stand for the fab shop


Here at gun lab everything is generally made or re-purposed to go with the project at hand. I have a small fly press that I obtained at a yard sale for real cheap. I wanted to use it in the fab shop for punching hole and pressing designs. So it was time to spend some time making a stand for it.

I found an old lathe that some one had dumped in a field. After some checking in the surrounding businesses t was determined that it was just a midnight drop off. I took my old truck and trailer over and picked it up, much to the appreciation of the property owner. and drug it home. It set  in the fab shop for a number of years where it gathered dust and rust and generally was in the way. There was no fixing it and bringing it back to it’s glory days so the next best thing to do with is to re-purpose it.

IMG_0019sI took it apart and saved the gears and anything that I could use.

This leads me to the base for the fly press.

IMG_3069sWhen we made the hydraulic forging press the center plate was saved.

IMG_3074sThat material was then cut for the base.



A nice fit to the base.

IMG_3072stwo extra holes were located and drilled.


And the plate bolted to the base.

IMG_3079sNext a piece of scrap from the hydraulic power pack for the big press was machined to hole the fly press and allow an opening to drop out the slugs.


IMG_2979sThe press was mounted to verify proper alignment.

IMG_2984sA piece of 6″ pipe that I managed to scrounge up was cut to length and welded to the top plate.



IMG_3610sAfter welding up the top and bottom plates the fly press is mounted ans ready for use once the special tooling is made.



IMG_3659sAnother weekend project completed.

This is it setting next to the forging hammer I built.


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