What is it

It has been a while since I have posted a what is it. I was up in the container cleaning up and looking for parts for a project I was working on this last weekend and came across this. It is a casting of some kind of mount. Some machining has been performed but it is far from complete. I am trying to determine the weapon that it goes to. Any help would be appreciated.





I picked this up years ago when I bought and imported a large quantity of parts out of England.

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  • Not sure what it is from but I heard the front slot is for armor applique on the front of the tripod. …I carried one once… heavy as hell.

  • Jeff

    Then there is the idea of designing the patterns to cast a new yolk assembly based upon the Hotchkiss 1914 machine gun and the French 1907 St Etienne.

    • Chuck

      It could be for a French machine gun. In the same pile of misc treasures there was a unique 1907 St. Etienne tripod. Thanks for the input I will look at my reference library to see if it fits there.

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