Fun at the machine gun shoot

This last weekend was our semi annual when we get around to it kind of twice a year maybe only once a year machine gun shoot. It is nothing great or grand. There are no fees, no explosives, no sales tables, no flying targets and no spectators. Just a boring timeĀ  of a bunch of guys that enjoy shooting machine guns, cannons and mortars having fun. We have had up to a couple of hundred people show up and as little as only 10. This was a nice get together of about 40 or so people with about 400 or so different types of weapons. It was a time to relax. The guys next to me had a very nice mini gun as well as an assortment of other machine guns. There were MG-42,MG-34, Vickers in both 8×57 and 7.62x54r, M-2 , Maxims, a couple of Hotchkiss guns and a pile of 1919 and 1917 Brownings. A very nice cross sections of machineguns.My wife and I did a number of videos generally in slow motion, it just looks cool and it also allowed me to study the operation a little more closely. I got to work on a couple of Brownings and get them up and running as well as a Vickers. I had a great time. What could be better then working on and shooting machine guns. Here is a quick video of some of the fun had.

There is more to come on the shoot. A couple of interesting items coming up is a 8mm Vickers using MG-34/42 belts, the Hotchkiss portative, and an MG-34 that was said to work in 308.

Just as a side note I now have the updated version 19 ultimate version of pinnacle studio. I am trying to improve my videos and using some of the more complex extras. Hoping to get better at this.

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