Weekend update 5-21-17

I spent most of the weekend in the fab shop trying to clean up some small projects. With the temperature at the century mark there was no fun working in the sun.

I obtain another bead blaster from a friend.

IMG_2532sThis required me to run a new air system over to it.

IMG_2531sI then started on adding new plugs for my work table and metal table.



Then it was time to mount a vise at the work table.


I started changing out the fittings on the hydraulic power pack.


This is to allow me to change the hoses to run either the fluting press or the hot forging press with the same unit. Eventually I hope to have a separate power pack for the forging press.IMG_2537sI also welded on hose supports.

I demo out some cabinets this last week so they were mounted. This is to allow extra storage.

IMG_2543sBrought the rollers in and did the drawings for the steel support for the band saw.

IMG_2544sThe last weekend project was to cut the pipe for a welding and brazing rod holder. I will clean them up with the bead blaster and then weld it up.

IMG_2546sA quick video.








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