More on the CNC router

The making of the new Z axis.

Starting with the solid models. You can see the entire assembly. Front and


z-axis rev1 3

z-axis rev1 4This solid model shows the changes that we have made.

z-axis explode 3Pins to maintain alignment, lower bearing for the screw support.

z-axis explode 5

z-axis explode 6The new upper housing

z-axis explode 7

z-axis explode 2Now on to the actual nuts and bolts.

DSC_5219sThe entire assembly was taken apart.

DSC_5222sThe new lower support plate with the lower bearing installed.



DSC_5221sHoles for pins as well as the bolts holding it together.


IMG_0425sA close up of the positioning pins.


IMG_0421sA quick video tour of the cnc router z axis.

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