Weekend update 12-14

Well another fun filled weekend has come and gone. A variety of projects were tackled and some minor accomplishment was achieved. The hole in the wood shop wall was filled in and sheet rocked over. Next weekend I will complete it and get it painted.

DSC_3135sI have started moving equipment around in the fab shop for a concrete pour and some new equipment. This complete move project because I was able to get a pair of heavy equipment moving skates cheap. I answered an add for a wood shaper and while I was there found this set of 4 skates for 150.00. They were in rough shape and once I brought them home it took the better part of the day to get them cleaned out and operational.

DSC_3069sWit these I wa now able to move the punch press.

DSC_3106sBut like everything in my shop you have to move twenty other things just to move the one item that you needed to move. In this case I started with an old lathe that I was going to use as a deep hole drilling set up. I finally realized that with all the other projects I have going on that I would not get to that project in this life time. So first the lathe was moved and is being sent to the scrape yard.

DSC_3065sNext on the to do move list was to move the old drill press to a different location. Moving it was not much fun as the center of gravity and it’s base did not allow for the use of skates. I used the engine hoist instead.

DSC_3110sWith it out of the way it was time to jack up the punch press and start moving it.

DSC_3120sThis was accomplished with a pinch bar, chain and come along.


Good thing that vise is in 2 foot of concrete. Next was the fun part. The pinch bar.



DSC_3116sWay to much fun.

After I finished moving the punch press it was on to the horizontal milling machine.

DSC_3124sWith it in place I went back to the drill press and with a couple of neighbors, who were foolish enough to come over and help, we managed to get it up and into place.


DSC_3130sWith the moving project over it was on to the spot welder. It has been giving us some problems so with a little trouble shooting and cleaning I got it back working today.

IMG_0661csThe last project for the weekend was the fluting press. It came back down off of the forging press.

DSC_3134sWen back into the shop and tapped a few more holes that were missed the first time around. Then the cylinder was taken apart and the new heat treated all thread was cut and installed. All that is left to do in machine and install a mechanical stop in the cylinder.




That is it. No one was hurt the equipment was moved safely and I am done and a little sore.





2 comments to Weekend update 12-14

  • That looked like lots of “FUN”. But the shop is looking great! Harry

  • bill

    I used to do alot of millwright work…know those skates well. That is some back wrenching moving in tight spaces..I feel for you !. If you need a 1/2 ton cap 3 phase 208 electric chain hoist real cheap I have one I don’t use anymore let me know.
    Anyhow gobs of entertaining reading and beautiful machine work !.

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