Webley Mk 6 22

Another post on Webley revolvers. This is a 22 version of the Webley Mk 6. According to the book “The Webley Story” this pistol was built as a target pistol for training and practice on short distance ranges.


DSC_9468sclose up of the cylinder

DSC_9469sMarkings on the top strap


DSC_9466sThe Webley logo

DSC_9463sIf anyone has any pictures of Webleys they would like to share please contact me.

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  • Johno

    I had a lovely little Mk.IV target model .22LR, with a 6″ barrel. I reckon the ‘target’ specs consisted of the adjustable sights, as it had the standard profile light barrel. The cylinder lockup was super-tight when the trigger was fully to the stop, as you’d expect, having the dual-opposing lateral forces of the rectangular locking bolt and stop-bolt, torque from the indexing hand, and the large extension of the rear of the barrel assembly keeping everything aligned fore and aft.
    I loved shooting that sweet little revolver, too bad that some thieving bastard liked it even more!

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