The never ending Library and termite project

It has been a couple of weeks with out a library update so here goes.

The stucco has been stripped off of the walls

DSC_9099sThe windows have been removed from the wood shop.

IMG_5255sAll the new framing is complete. The door to the old store room has been removed.

IMG_5254sThe damaged caused by the termites to the 2×4 stud wall

IMG_5263smore damage

IMG_5266sThe insulation is now upon the ceiling.

DSC_9520sAnd on the walls

DSC_9521sSheet rock was then next.


DSC_9569sThe new pocket door was installed between the new hardware store and the library

DSC_9659sEverything has been tapped and coated with mud.


DSC_9661sThe termites have gotten into the maple flooring.

DSC_9401sStarted stripping out the maple flooring.

DSC_9655sStill not done removing the flooring but a big pile of scrap flooring.

DSC_9654sMore to come.

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