VG1-5 update on the bolts

We bought this tool from Shars to allow use to hole the jaws in proper position the cut the proper diameter in the jaws for the bolt.


DSC_6605csOnce set up the bolts were turned and we were off performing op 1 on the bolts.

The first op turned the minor diameter of the bolt, faced the bolt and drilled it for the firing pin.

DSC_6591csThe second operation again turned for minor diameter, faced the bolt, and drilled the hole for the firing pin to be inserted. In addition the major diameter was turned.


DSC_6593csTest bolts were made to set up each operation in the lathe and for the additional operations in the mill,

DSC_6598csAll test bolts were marked with double “x’s” on both sides. This prevents confusion later.

DSC_6599csWith all the bolts completed for the first two operations it is not off for the third operation.

DSC_6589csWith the third op we go to the manual lathe to cut the firing pin hole to the correct diameter and depth with a square shoulder on the bottom. This allows the firing pin spring to set flat.


DSC_6601csWith the end mill dialed in it is just a matter using the dro’s to go to the correct depth.


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