Here are the pictures of the completed version of the first VG1-5.



DSC_2948csNow off to ATF for approval.

35 comments to VG1-5 COMPLETED

  • Orin

    WOW – Looks GREAT!!!!!

  • Joe

    Wow! Beautiful work!

  • Congratulations, Ian!!! Just yesterday I read of all the heartache you were having in the development phase…As Edison is purported to have said, :genius is 5% INspiration & 95% PERspiration”…You persevered, Improvised, Adapted & Overcame…Continue to “Endeavor to Persevere!!!”.

    CB in FL

  • John D.

    Have you shot it yet?

    Your phosphate job looks far too good! At the end of the war, the Germans were running seriously depleted zinc phosphating baths due to chemical shortages.

  • wetcorps

    Hell yeah! Now to the range!

    Why the 10 rounds mag though? If you explained it somewhere I missed it.

    • Dave C

      Actually, if you consult the Darren Weaver book on the arms designed for the Volkssturm Nazi Party militia, the self-loading carbines in the 7.92x33mm cartridge were to have ten round magazines only, by order of der führer himself while the 30 round magazines would be reserved for the StG44 and the wunderwaffe Gerät ancestor of the CETME/G3 that used roller locking and could be made even more cheaply than the StG44… und so weiter.

      As for the reproduction, I like it very, very much and I would love to get one. I do find it odd that there is a butt stock loop for the sling when the original had the sling tacked to the bottom and then attached via a hook through a hole drilled in the piece of metal sandwiched between the hand guards that the slide rides on? Also, while it is a superb project, and I am absolutely thrilled to see this put back into production, the trigger guard is a bit SKS-ish looking rather than the rounder profile of the original Barnitzke Volksgewehr. Anyhow, congratulations and kudos! Great work!

    • Chuck

      The rifle was original design was for a 10 rd magazine. The thought of building a 30 rd magazine is king of nightmarish.

  • Colin

    Likely to comply with local laws, herein Canada it is 5 rds centre fire auto or 10rds for pistol

    • Dave C

      Ah, here it is. From W. Darrin Weaver’s _Depserate Measures_ pp. 120-121:

      “The Führer has basically rejected all single-shot models. From among these, the Walther model impressed him the most.

      As for the repeating [magazine] rifles … The Führer also ordered an improvement in the external appearance of the weapon, as weall as a change in the shape of the butt. The Führer observed that such a primitive weapon was not suitable for equipping the troops as it would produce a negative psychological effect. … K43 magazines …

      As a further goal, the Führer has considered the VG with the kurz 44 cartridge and a *magazine of ten rounds, which will not hinder the fireer while laying in the prone position. The long 30-round magazine of the MP44 was not to be used.*”

  • Ryan

    Awesome! hope to see a shooting video of it on youtube soon.

  • Ryan

    Hope i’m not being too daring to ask but what will your next project be? SA80 maybe?

  • Jeff

    Just Amazing !!! Here is a gun geek question, are you going to use the same Serial Number Series like the Originals ?? ” Th1234 ” Etc ??


  • Have already written for more information to AA as I am still in the market. Great work! Harry

  • Tim

    Can’t wait……………..

  • Hrachya H.



    Outstanding job!

  • Awesome! I want to see a range video!

    Just curious, what’s the process for getting ATF approval?

  • Martin

    Looks great. Hats for your skill and efforts. One question.

    Did you use a safely like the VG-2 used for reasons of simplicity or were some VG-5’s made with a safety like this?

  • Pete

    AMAZING! I’ll be standing in line cash in hand when these are in full production

  • Please add my name to the list for more details after the ATF approves it.

  • Outstanding, Chuck and all. My hat was passed into the ring earlier (via Ian) but I’ll track down Greg. Regardless, I am humbled by your skill and perseverance in this. It’s Jurassic Park, legendary extinct firearms edition!

    • Chuck

      Thank you. I am looking forward to finally being able to sell the rifle. The second prototype rifle after proofing will go down to Ian for testing.

  • Ian Brooks

    When wil these ebcome comercially available to buy?

  • Daniel Xiong

    It is starting to look amazing!!! I hope to see a video soon and eventually become an owner to one these rifle myself. Congratulation on the project as well!!!

  • Storm

    It would be early to look upon the new project since this is not over – still needs to make 500 rifles, and made ones will definetly after some usage show the room for improvements,either in material or some design tweaking.
    Also maybe some simpler and better methods of manuf. some parts come up along that 500 way.

    But for next project I would like to see stg45m, especially after the enthusiastic review of its repro by ian, and its superior ergonomics compared to later g3 or cetme series.

  • Rick

    Woohoo! Looks awesome Chuck. Congratulations sir! We know this stuff isn’t easy! : )

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