The Type 99 female die.

Now that the male die is complete, with only de-burring left to do, it is time to start on the female dies.IMG_0554s

As with the male die it starts out as a large block of steel.

IMG_0545sWith this die we made it in three parts. This allowed us to machine areas that would be very completed.

IMG_0591sAt this point you will notice the alignment pin holes between the upper and lower dies.

IMG_0596swAfter the lower die is completed a backing plate was made and then ground to hold the completed die together.

IMG_0655sThis is the completed die attached to the plate.



IMG_0668csWith this step completed we will be drilling the holes for attachment to the die plate. That will be this weekend. I will post about that when completed.


9 comments to The Type 99 female die.

  • don

    In the process you should ask potential customers what the serial number of their weapon is and for an additional cost customize magazines to fit their weapon

  • Mac

    Very nice work! A question about the about the 3 piece die half, Will that side flex under pressure or are you going to add more backing support to that half?

    • The pressure during stamping will be against the side wall of the die. This dimension is very thick and bolted to the bottom plate. There is no chance of movement. The end pieces don’t have that much pressure against them.

  • Ed

    I’d be very interested in your finished product. Original mags are very tough to find. These would be a real boost to the collector/shooter community.

    • Chuck

      I understand. I have a 99 and no magazines. That is the real reason for the project. Hope to have a few of the test pressings completed this weekend. All I need is more time and money and did I mention time.

  • I always “assumed” (and we know where that leads) that the grooves in mags were produced by some sort of beading press, before the front, rear, and top and bottom were bent to final shape. Was I wrong?

  • Rhett Imperiale

    I am very interested in buying a few of these as well. Keep up the incredible work!

  • Prusakowski

    Can you use sheet metal from old Japanese cars to make the mags – – then they will be 100% authentic! I’ll take two!

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