Moving die plates

Will Cushman asked how we moved the die plates around the shop. If my shop was in a single building or even on a the same level it would be a great deal easier.

To move the dies from under the bench to the top of the bench to work on them I use a home made swing arm with a harbor freight electric hoist.IMG_0671s

To move them to the mill or the truck we use a foot operated lift.

IMG_0669sNow to get them to the press I use a 3/4 ton cheve with a hydraulic lift gate. The key here is the lift gate. It allows me to adjust the height. This is important due to all the different heights I have to deal with at the different shops.


Now we off load at the fab shop and onto a working die press moveable bench.


From here I can adjust the height of the table to match the press and slide it into the press.


All the tooling and raw unstamped stock is on the moveable parts table.



Hope this answers all your questions. Chat with you soon.


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