Test firing the VG1-5 production rifle

It has been a while for a VG1-5 post. Once the rifles were completed we notice a few issues. With the changes of a new reamer and new fluting tools we were have some issues with proper operating pressures and proper operation. This caused use to go back and check everything. A through examination of the rifle caught a few minor problems.

We started by redesigning the fluting tool, actually there was 6 different designs. Each new tool was tested with two new barrels. Some of the barrels did not provide sufficient pressure to move the slide all the way to the rear. A couple of the new fluted barrels caused excessive operating pressure. Finally success was accomplished and the flute design worked very well.

The secondary sear was re-worked to allow for save operation, there is a complete post coming up on the tooling used to do this. The secondary sear was cut at 1 degree increments until the correct angle way determined.

When the slide came back we located a couple of spots where we had metal to metal contact that we should have not had. Each of these contact points  had to be looked at and a determination made as how to fix them. Most were fixed by changing the buffer spring and redesigning the barrel support.

There were a few other very minor but aggravating issues that would pop up at irregular intervals. One would be corrected only to find that the correction made a different problem worse.

To put it in context we have used close to 7000 rounds in testing this rifle design. After all this work this is a video that was shot yesterday.

The rifle was tested in both slow and rapid fire.

We went through 200 rounds today shooting the rifle and the only issue that came up was my arthritis, the rifle worked great.

12 comments to Test firing the VG1-5 production rifle

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Very nice. Even better looking MG34 in the background!

    Now, where’s the FN-FAL HB Armscor-Frankengun video? Or the pile-o-parts itself?

    The world wonders…

  • Steve Pace

    Looks good. I hope to see one on my doorstep soon.

  • JB黒狐

    Is the spring pressure of a full 10rd mag the same as a full 30rd mag? If not probably worth testing it with 30rd mags.

  • Yes sir but you guys did it!

  • Storm

    Great work.
    What about the barrel vent hole placement ?
    Did you experiment with that too? (seen something like it on slow motion video)

    7000 rounds !!
    This will finally silence the retards who claimed original german gun was designed and made to withstand only few hundred rounds or so.

    • Chuck

      That is 7000 rounds in testing a number of rifles during the design and building phase. The majority of the ammo was tested on this and a second rifle. Even seemingly small changes had to be tested. Just is the design of the secondary sear, 10 design angle changes, had to be tested. Then changing the hammer spring there was more testing. Each new flute design, to many to count, was tested. Every ejector change, firing pin change,and firing pin design. all were tested. Anytime a failure occurred and was fixed it was tested again.
      Vent hole placement was was set and could not be readily changed, however the number of holes and the angle were tested.

  • john

    I think that the gun is well balanced as the ejection is only about 20 inches which shows that it is not overpowerd

  • Mac

    Most people don’t have a clue as to what all goes on at a single trigger pull…chain of events have to flow. Nice work guys!

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