Another project from Axel, the Pimp pistol

CZ82 slim (pimp) grip exercise

While waiting for obtaining an inexpensive used Glock (geez – price tag, my only complaint about Glocks) for my first real gun project here, I was thinking about thinner grigs for the CZ82.

Well, on my last trip to J&G sales (see my previous post) I somehow couldn’t resist and get me one of their CZ82 special offers as well. It was a “multiple handgun sale” anyway (report to ATF), so what.

They are actually very interesting guns . Chuck from gun lab here – initially pointed out to them.

The way they lock down the trigger guard for disassembly is far better than on the Walther PP(K), Makarov etc. guns. The trigger pull on several guns I tried before selecting mine, felt better than on any Walther, Makarov or FEG variant I’ve tried so far.

But somehow they appeared too big and chunky for what they are. And main factor here are the grip panels which are fatter/bulkier than technically necessary. They fit my mid-size hands perfectly but for a concealed carry gun or smaller hands they aren’t the best choice.

So as an intermediate project it started like this.


Pic B CZ82 s

Pic A CZ82 s

Meant to be done “on the quick” with just some left over material that was laying around. But like many side projects it became more time-consumings as initially intended. And getting impatient I just used some JB Weld to fill some gaps here and there…

Well, at least put some masking tape one the frame before. Cause that JB stuff sticks like crazy to the metal and the result looks like this.


Pic C CZ82 s

So I had to pry out the left grip panel (never leave the magazine in) and partially redo it.

For removing the JB weld remains you can best use (aside from heat) vinegar. You have to let it soak in and best remove it with your fingernail (piece of hard wood etc. would work as well), didn’t affect the paint/enamel on the gun. But you gotta pay for your mistakes one way or the other.


Pic D CZ82s

But the result was worth it IMO. And esp. for a 99 cent paint from Home Depot.


Pic E CZ82s

Pic F CZ82s

And isn’t it great if you have a well assorted reference collection within reach to pull some guns for comparison?!


Pic G CZ82s

The total width (grips) for:

CZ82: 32.7 – 33.3mm

Walther PPK: 24.5mm

Makarov: 27.6mm

RK 59: 29.35mm

P-64: 26.6mm

CZ82 slim grip: 25.4mm / 1in

So only the Walther PPK is 0.9mm / 0.0354in slimmer than those CZ82 white grips.

Which now makes the double-stack (12rd) CZ82 not bigger/bulkier than a single stack (8rd)Makarov.



And the white color – considered as “pimp style” by some folks here? Well, there was no inexpensive pearlescent paint available …

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