Single shot rifles, Book Review

I am a big fan of single shot rifles. I enjoy there design from the simplest boys rifle to the most expensive British falling block design. I also have a number of single shot rifles in the Gun Lab reference collection. I feel that the pinnacle of the gun making craft is single shot rifles and double guns. For the most part the rifles are well design and beautifully manufactured.  Some of my favorite rifles are the rook and rabbit rifles made in England and the small bore rifles made here. With this intro I just received my new book “British Single Shot Rifles Volume 8″ from Amazon. Once again Wal Winfer and Tom Rowe have out done themselves.


The pictures are superb, I am a little jealous as I wish my photographs looked that good. The detail is excellent.



There line drawings are detailed and informative.

scan_Page_3csVolume 8 is an excellent reference book on the subject of small bore single shot rifle and a great addition to the library at Gun Lab.

6 comments to Single shot rifles, Book Review

  • Dean Cascio

    Any book by Mr Single Shot (Frank Da Hass) will also be will worth your time.

  • Kerwin Kerr

    I too am a big fan of single shot rifles. Unfortunately I recently sold my Martini Henry .45-70 barreled action so now all I have is a Ruger #3 in .223 Remington since I had my Savage 112 converted to a repeater. The problem I see it is that the two most popular single shots on the market, the Winchester 1885 and the Ruger #1 have more parts in them then a modern bolt action! This makes them too expensive in my opinion.

    • Chuck

      I have found most single shot rifles to be to expensive, I still like them though. I have a Nepalese type rifle that I am converting to 45 colt now.

  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    If any millionaire Americans want to buy me a copy please don’t let me stop you. I am just a poor Brit, we can’t afford such things nowadays.

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