Interesting gunsmith site

Life around Gun Lab has been a little hectic lately. The work on the VG1-5 is progressing and I have a couple of posts about that coming up. However, I came across a really nice site dealing with metal and wood working on guns. This gentleman does some real nice work. You should take some time and check out his site. As for me I have a lot of reading to catch up on at his site. His photograph is excellent as well.


3 comments to Interesting gunsmith site

  • Pete F.

    Looks like he stays real busy. A real craftsman.
    Stocks look like they would be weak in the grip area especially those with exotic grain. Perhaps he reinforces them with a steel pin or something??

  • DocAV

    This Guy is what the Germans would call a “Gross-Meister BuchsenMacher” and the Italians “un Gran’ Maestro Armaiolo”.

    I wonder what he could do with a DWM Mauser Rifle action?

    Doc AV

  • Dan E

    thanks for that, love learning about craft. that mango wood looks amazing.

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