Saturday fun not everything is gun stuff

We have been working very hard on getting the VG1-5 project completed but Saturday was a different kind of a fun day. About 8 years, or so, ago I started a whole house remodel,so if your significant other complains about how long a house project takes just direct her here. I bought a kitchen display¬† from a local kitchen and bath store, got a real good price for it as well, and started a kitchen remodel. When I went back to buy the rest of the needed cabinets the cost was more then three times what I paid for the display. Some how coming up with 15,000 was just not in the cards. We went to a couple of custom shops and they were even more. The next step was older cabinets from second hand stores and just make new doors and drawers and just re furbish the cabinets. Other then money which I don’t have any of, the thing I have less of is time. I would have had to buy specialized cutters for the fronts as well as finding the time to complete the project. So the kitchen has set on the back burner. Then as luck would have it 2 weeks ago I did a job at a high dollar home that was being remodeled, so being the inquisitive type of lad that I am I asked about the kitchen cabinets. The response is that I could have them if I wanted I just had to come take them out. Saturday was spent removing cabinets from this house and bring them home. Sunday was spent removing the old junk cabinets and putting in the new ones and organizing the cabinets to fit. DSC_7087s

DSC_7088sThe funny thing is that the new cabinets and the ones in the house already are the same brand and type. The old home owners varnished there cabinets. We will be taking the fronts off to be stripped and re stained to the color of our cabinets.

DSC_7084sI still need to build the corner units and the double oven cabinet.

DSC_7085sThe sink cabinet was the worst of the bunch, they generally always are. The fronts were taken off and saved, the rest of the cabinet is in the dumpster.

DSC_7089sNext weekend I hope to build the corner units and get this kitchen under way.

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