More work on the cnc router

The majority of the mechanical work on the router is completed. Now comes the aggravating part, and that is getting the computer to correctly operate it.

Wally, a friend of gun lab, just spent part of his Sunday helping to get it operational.

There are a number of issues that have to be addressed. Starting with windows 7 talking to Mach 4. That is the easy issue. Then getting Mach 4 to talk to the smooth step board. This is providing to be a little more aggravating. Then getting the smooth stepper to actually do what it is suppose to do with the drivers and switches.

This is Wally’s second attempt and I really think he now wishes he had not volunteered to help.

Today he made great strides toward getting things working. Here is the video of the router operating and running a basic program.

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  • Gary Paul Johnston

    Dear Sir,
    I am Tom Nelson’s co-author of The World’s Assault Rifles and I met you at the SAR a few years back. Was there again and saw John C, but was at a booth most of the time and did not know you set up at SAR. I don’t think David made it over, but not sure. I’m updating the W.A.R. book and took pictures of the cutaway Gerat 03 several years go, and now found images of a “shootable” 03, which I’m sure you made. The images are good enough if you don’t have better ones. I’ll email them and you can tell me. Do you, by chance, have an image of a Gerat 08? Or even a good description?
    When we met a year or so ago you were working on an AR-16 and offered to allow me to write it up for a magazine when ready. I saw the two at Costa Mesa 30-some years ago, then at Neal Smith’s and now at Reed’s, but what were the other 2 you mention? Dorchester told me one was a sporter, but others say it was just a different stock, but now there was a 4th? Please elaborate, as I want to mention it in the book.
    Thanks, Gary

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