Back on the VG1-5

Started on the new fluting tool design. We have had some issues with the fluting of the chambers. Some of the issues have been narrowed down to our original tool design. To correct the flute issue we went back to the design. Starting with the thickness of the flutes and the length of the flutes, these were changed to closer match the original German design.

Here are some solid models showing the changes.

barrel flute assem

barrel flute assem1-w

barrel flute assem3w

barrel flute assem2-wWe are also trying a couple of different steels. The first is O-1.

IMG_3751sThe next is D-2

IMG_3750sStarting with the cnc turned blank.

IMG_3793sIt is set up in the mill and surfaced for the proper angle.


IMG_3795sWith the support and the angle block it is a great deal easier to machine the three sides.


IMG_3797sThe completed tool.

IMG_3792sThey are off to heat treat and should be back soon.


4 comments to Back on the VG1-5

  • C

    Great job on the gun. I’ve been saving for one of these since 2012 though unexpected health ailments appeared which of course cost thousands + much debt, but I’m determined to own one of these. I am a WWII history enthusiast, I’ve read every book, watched every documentary + video, and spent hours searching for any snippet of info I can find on the VG 1-5, the Volkssturm, and of German + Soviet weapons in general. The Volkssturmgewehr Gustloff has been my favorite gun since I first learned of it 10yrs ago. If I could only ever own a single firearm, this would be it.

    Anyway I was commenting to mention I’ve called the listed number for “Matt or Greg” a few times to preorder one of these however it only just rings & rings. Is the phone # listed still valid?. Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful craftsmanship.

  • Logan

    Fantastic to see progress! The VG is my favorite gun. I would love to build one if I had the skill and equipment. I have settled for building a mp3008 / VG look a like.

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • JB (the other on)

    I thought this looked oddly familiar. I remember researching and trying this method about 10 years ago and I had breakage and sticking issues .

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