More Japanese 99 magazine update. 9-30

We have finished the second op die for the Japanese 99 magazine right side. The die is complete and the springs and pins added. This is a photo  run down of the final die. This is the complete die assembly

DSC_0163Another angle

DSC_0164_sThe bottom portion of the die

DSC_0165_sTop and bottom side by side

DSC_0166_sAssembled die from the bottom end

DSC_0215_sAssembled die from the feed lip view

DSC_0218_sChatting about the different components

DSC_0215_swPointing out the feed lip area.

DSC_0218_swWe are just drawing up the rest of the first stamping die then it is off to stamping.

21 comments to More Japanese 99 magazine update. 9-30

  • JB

    Those are exquisite dies you have made chuck, I hope they make magazines as exquisite as they are them selves.

  • Rick

    Wow they do look nice!

  • Will Cushman

    Thanks for sharing the photos and comments. I enjoy seeing the care and craftsmanship that it takes to produce a weapon from ‘scratch’. The dies are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the results of your hard work.

  • don

    Put me down for a pair.

  • Charlie Foster

    I would be interested in some magazines as well. I don’t suppose you have a idea of the unit cost? Now, here’s another one for you. The barrels are not difficult to machine as I made one in .303 from a 1.5″ Pac-Nor blank but the front sight assy which is also the gas block is a bit of a bugger. I could make one I suppose but the idea would be to make a few front sight assy and carry handle so a person could make barrels for their 99’s. I don’t know how many Type 99 LMG’s are out there but feel they are a real sleeper in the machine gun world as you can still pick one up for $10K ish. Love mine and now that Privi Partisan is making brass and Grafs sells it roll my own with either pulled 7.62X54R ball or Hornday 174gr. Last machine gun shoot went through 1K with my one Japanese 99 mag during the day, not a single problem! Anyway, you guys are giving us all hope that true innovation has not died in the good old USA!

  • Jeff

    Any Update on the Japanese Type 99 Magazine ??? I just got my Transferable Yesterday and need Mag’s !!!

    P.S. Guess you plan on taking all my money since I Preordered a VG 1-5 too !!!

    • Chuck

      We are working on them, however with that said I am spending all my time and money on finishing the VG1-5 project. When it is approved and sent to Greg I can then start back on other projects.

  • Kristopher

    I’m interested in purchasing at least two or three of these magazines when they become available.

  • Charlie Foster

    Do you have any plans to continue with this project in the near future or is it still months off? I would be glad to help out if I can.

  • Pat

    I would be interested in getting one or two as well.

  • jerry loomer

    Interested I your 7.7 japanese t 99 magazine

  • jerry loomer

    Need 7.7 japanes magazine

  • jerry loomer

    Need a 99 japanese mag for my collection

  • Michael

    I also am interested in one or two of your type 99 magazines.

  • I am the armorer for our local (all volunteer) Military Museum. We have a Type 99 LMG that has no magazines or the flash hider (bell). If you are making the magazines, or anyone might have one working or not that they would part with, please let me know. Also if anyone has a flash hider or the plans on how to make one, also please let me know. Ours was captured on Iwo Jima, and is a very important part of our soon to be upgraded military firearms display so I would really like to get this one “cherry”!

  • Harry

    I shoot a Type 99 and have been following this with great interest. Have you made any more progress on this project?

  • If you are still in production of this magazine ….I would be interested please email me and let me know.Thank you

  • Michael T

    Really interested in the T99 LMG magazine, is it still coming along?

  • Robert Kras

    I would be very interested in purchase of 99 LMG Magazines when done.. Please let me know..Thank you

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