Monday update 9-29

The 1″ steel plate that we cut up last weekend has been cut down to size and then sized in the HAAS to actual specs.

DSC_0145_sThis is all that is that is remaining of the steel sheet that we started with.


All of this material will be used on the fluting machine.This is what it looked like after its time in the HAAS and sized.


DSC_0176_sI also had a piece of rough ground stock that is the correct size for the chuck backing plate.

DSC_0177_sA quick look at the chuck backing plate solid modelchuck subplate 2

chuck subplate 1.


The major back piece which is 9″ wide and 48″ long is cut over size and set on the 3 axis cnc mill.

DSC_0171_sWe did a basic mark up on the plate to show where the initial bolt hole and reamed dowel pin holes are going. Then it was time to place the blocks under the plate and clamp it down. This first set up is just for drilling 6 holes.




The design has been changed to allow it to be held and located easier.

flutting machine final 3This is the new back plate design.

broaching machine backing plate revised 1

We moved the bolts that attach the fluting press to the side of the hydraulic forging press closer together then we will also machine 3 reamed holes in it as well. The reason for moving the bolt holes together is that corresponds with the table on the cnc mill. Now with this design I can machine the 6 holes and 3 reamer holes as a first op. then bolt the plate directly to the table of the mill and machine the sides and drill, ream and tape the rest of the holes without fear of movement.

Most of Sunday was spent doing honey do’s  The fixtures are in place in the hall bathroom and it is ready for use again. A few small things left to do, but that is for another weekend.

DSC_0213_sLast night a heavy rain storm came through the valley.


This is a quick video of the storm.

In it’s wake it left 1″ or so of rain. That brings the total to 6″ for the last month.

DSC_0208_swMy little rain gauge.

The project for the rest of Sunday is to build a new gun rack for my gun room. This is the solid model.

4 FT GUN RACKIt is 4 foot across and will hold 15 rifles. Here is where it is going in the room.

DSC_0214_sThis is as far as I got today. It is 5pm and time to relax a bit and I will finish it off next weekend.

DSC_0211_sThat is it for the weekend update. Until Tuesday.


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