Making the VG1-5 up date Hand Guards

This last week has been a huge push to finish the VG1-5 in time for the SAR show. A great deal of work needed to be completed and not near enough time to complete it all.

The big push was to complete and correct the fire control mechanism. It is now fixed and operating properly. You should be able to hear the cheering crowd and bottles of Champagne being opened .

This video is about the hand guards. They are now finished and will be on the rifle by tomorrow as will the stock.

I wanted the hand guards to look as close as possible to the original ones.

DSC_1983cThis is what we came up with.


DSC_2931csI started the process as a standard wood working project and then finished on the cnc milling machine. The next time through I will over size the stock and do the complete project on the cnc mill.

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