Gardner Gun part 2

In Part two of the Gardner Gun we are going discuss the 2 barrel Gardner Gun in depth and go over the differences between the English model and the American model, the Pratt and Whitney. Looking at the different patents filed by W. Gardner and E .G .Parkhurst in the years of 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1884 you can start to see the directions that each weapon went. We will start with the 1879 patent filed by W. Gardner. In the pictures that are filed with the patent you can see the cocking and bolt mechanism used in the English model as well as the ejectors and feed shuttle.

File0071This is a close up of the firing mechanism and firing pin spring.

File0102abThis is a English model.

Now looking at the patents filed in 1880 by E. G. Parkhurst you can see the differences in the design used in the American, Pratt and Whitney model. This is the improved model. The feed was now controlled instead of just gravity.

The firing pin spring is a coil spring instead of a v spring.


The ejection in through the bottom instead of out the side

File0045This is the American ,Pratt and Whitney, model.

3-Gardner-Gun-BIGIn the next installment we will go into the making of the miniature Gardner gun.

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