Making the 1930 Sauer firing pins

I went to do a little shooting on a few weapons in my collection that I have never fired only to find out that the firing pins were broken. In this case the pistol that I had taken out was a Sauer model 1930 32acp pistol. For some odd reason I happen to have three of these cute little pistols and two of them had broken firing pins. Now it was off to the computer to design up a new firing pin. Getting into this project it was determined that with three of the same pistols that there were 2 different sizes of firing pins. This is a video of the making of the firing pins.


Here is a  picture of the firing pin prior to milling it.


20150424_142835sThis is a solid works look of the part.

firing pin

The firing pin after completion in the milling machine.




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  • Erlend Meyer

    Nice work you’re doing there. Would you mind sharing the drawings of the firing pins? I’m trying to replace a lost FP for a 1930 S&S, and figuring out all the dimensions from scratch is a bit of work.

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