Just a quick update on the VG1-5 project 5-2-15

All the firing pins for the VG1-5, the Star pistol and the M1930 Sauer have been sent to  heat treat. The buffer pins are there as well. The spot welder have been wired up and the coolant system will be finished this weekend. The first rifle was sent a while ago to Greg who took it to the first testing facility for ATFE approval. The second one will be out when the parts come back from heat treat. We will be spot welding the receivers together soon and all the material for the bolts is here and going on the lathe for the first op in the near future.

My work load has dropped of a little which helps and I hope to be back making regular posts soon.

This weekend is full of mandatory maintenance projects to get the shop back in order.

That is all for now.

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