Updates for the last two weekends.

Last Sunday was a much easier day. It was a large amount of fixing things as well as shop work.

The A/C went out in the house so testing was conducted and it was found that the evaporator fan went out. Time was spent on removing it to get a replacement today. Then the bad luck just continued. Both a/c’s went out in the machine shop and had to be repaired. I finished the electrical to the spot welder and got them running.

DSC_5008csAlso finished the insulating and putting on wood covers to the spot welder room doors, this should cut down the heat load through the doors a great deal.

DSC_5007csBecause of some missing parts we went through the machine shop, the metal storage room, the 20′ container and the 40′ container with a fine tooth comb. I mean to say that every cabinet, box, container, plastic bag and drawer was gone through, not once but three times by three different people. This has been an on going project which reached a head this last week with no work being done other then looking for the missing parts. We moved desks, cabinets and work benches. So by the time this was all done everything was a disaster. Saturday was spent putting to 40′ container back together again. Here are a few before pictures.


DSC_4991csThis is a lot of cabinets to go through.


DSC_4995sAfter we finished  going through and cleaning up and putting away everything this is what it looks like now.


DSC_4998csAll the cabinets have been labeled.

I made bottoms for the library index card cabinets so they are now being used from odd parts, like the barrel for an Astra 400 or the bolt from a Winchester 73 bolt and feed ramp, any parts that did not require a large cabinet to store them in.

We fixed a problem with the table saw and then cut a 3/4 mdf board for the cnc router.


DSC_5018csI also finished the air system in the fab shop. Done and I am quitting for the weekend.



















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