making and anvil for friends

This last weekend between working on the kitchen and the router table I started on a project for a couple of friends. Axel is back in country and will be here for awhile and needs some stuff for his new shop and Paul ,from the flintlock site , need an anvil as well.

I have had an old truck at the house that I gave a loan on. Well he can’t be found after a decade so a while back I decided to use it for other things. This is part of what it went to.

I had more fun then you can even imagine taking this front end apart.



Nothing came off easily. Every thing was a battle. starting with the break drum. None of the bolts would come loose without an impact wrench and heat.dsc_2455s

The only way to get the break pads out was to cut them out.


dsc_2456sThe same goes for everything else as well.

dsc_2547sAll the bolts on the drum had to be beaten out with a sledge hammer.


img_1618sAt the end of the day I was left with both drums.

dsc_2560sThe cross member


dsc_2557sAnd a pile of scrap to be used in forging projects.


dsc_2636sNow came the fun part. With Axel’s help I was able top move the cross member to the band saw room and cut it into usable lengths.



Then after some time of the mill I finally cut the first one down to the rough shape necessary to work it into an anvil.dsc_2633s

dsc_2632sThe horn still needs work but that will have to be done with a grinder.


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