Another weekend come and gone 10-16

Every week starting on Monday I work onĀ  a list for the projects that I want to work on that following weekend.

The list this last week was as follows and in no particular order.

1) finish the router table

2) finish the second anvil

3) Do a number of videos for the site

4) Photograph a number of weapons for upcoming posts

5) finish the hydraulics for the hot forging press

6) work on the control system for the fluting machine

7) fire up the gas forge and beat some metal into submission

8) work on the kitchen and try and wrap it up

So between the excessive work load of last week, not finishing work almost every night until after 8pm and starting at 5am, I needed to write up a number of reports, still not finished. I also needed to work most of Saturday just to catch up. Still not finished with last weeks jobs and it is Sunday night.

The only project that was even started was working on the kitchen. My wife and life partner really would like it completed before the SAR show. Great strides have been taken to accomplish that.

The kitchen has been repainted now that all the moulding around the counters has been edged and finished. The last of the cabinet fronts have been installed. The sink is installed and the dish washer is hooked up, still not usable yet as the insulation blanket was shot and a new one has been ordered.

dsc_2709sI still have a couple of false fronts to make for the stove cabinet and one set of cabinets need to be striped and re-finished. Both minor. The big thing is to make new orifices for the stove to convert it to propane from natural gas.

I guess there is always next weekend for everything else.

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