Machining the new ejector for the VG1-5

We have had a few problems with the ejector on the VG1-5. The initial design was for a sheet metal type of ejector. The first ones were made in general purpose sheet steel. They bent with in a few rounds being fired. The second ones were also general purpose sheet steel that were case hardened. These lasted for a few hundred rounds then they also bent. The third model was 4130 sheet steel that was hardened through out. This lead to welding problems and we would have had to do a total redesign to allow for riveting. The solution was to machine a thicker piece of 1018 and case hardened just the end of it. This allowed use to weld it with out grinding it down and still allowed the ejector to take the shock that was necessary to eject the cartridge.

This is the master cam simulation of the machining process.

This video is the actual process of machining the ejector.


This is what the final machined ejector looks like.

DSC_8056csPrior to welding in it will have to be heat treated. The initial one that has been make in installed has fire a number of rounds with no signs of bending.

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