Ermawerke Carbine

During the last days of WW2 the Germans made a variety of weapons for the Volkssturm. The Ermawerke is one that has been in a number of books but no one has ever touched one. This is the general write up of that weapon.




John , a friend of gun lab, just sent us an information package of a limited made reproduction being produced.

scan0001_Page_1sRight side view

scan0001_Page_2sLeft side view

scan0001_Page_3sA couple of close up pictures of the safety and trigger guard.


scan0001_Page_5sClose up of the markings.


2 comments to Ermawerke Carbine

  • Skipper Dorgan

    Really a nice rifle or carbine. If anyone knows of where to buy a flat or finished Cetme model L receiver I am wanting one. Beware of Precision Rifles. never did They accepted and kept my money for at least 6 months and one excuse after another but they produce. So just letting whoever cares to know.

  • Pete F.

    Interesting rifle for sure. I don’t really get the last ditch weapon concept though. Considering the effort and material that went into design,plus tooling and machinery needed I’d have thought that the same could have been applied to existing designs.
    Neat they did those guns though!

    Re the CETME L. Check Jestism on Weapons Guild. He sells rec. flats.

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