Gordam Ingram

Today’s post is about a series of rifles that I have read about but never had the opportunity to look at until just recently. I thank Reed Knight for letting me have the chance to examine the rifle when I was down at his place a while back.

So lets start with a short write up of the rifle.scan0001_Page_01s

scan0001_Page_02sThere is not much written about his rifle designs and what is available is in Tom Nelson and Gary Paul Johnston book The World’s Assault Rifles.

scan0001sAnd in Frank Iannamico and Don Thomas book. the Mac Man

scansIn 1976 Mr. Ingram brought up the idea of a multi-caliber design rifle. Using the basic design of the M-1 carbine action and receiver he re-design the rifle to allow using more modern manufacturing processes. The receiver and bolt were to be investment cast of 4340 steel. The remainder of the parts were to be made of die cast aluminum or high impact plastic.  He kept the tried and true wood stock instead of changing to a plastic or sheet metal stock. The gas system was changed to long-stroke system. Initially design in .223 and then in 7.62×51 he later added 7.62×39 in the caliber line up. There were not many of the weapons ever made and the rifle ended up a foot note in history.

Now to the pictures of this interesting and unique rifle.

This is a side view of the .223 version


IMG_0165csThe following pictures are of the 7.62×39 version


IMG_0210csYou can see a lot of the M-1 carbine and M-1 Garand in this rifle.






IMG_0179csThe bolt comes from the M-1 carbine.



IMG_0172csA few pictures of the gas system.



IMG_0167csWith so few guns ever being made and the political upheaval that was going on at the time the bugs were never totally worked out.



4 comments to Gordam Ingram

  • Kerwin Kerr

    This is fascinating! I never knew about this Ingram assault rifle. Looks like Ingram was about 15 years too late on his invention. It reminded me of the Winchester Light Rifle, a competitor of the AR15. His MAC-10 was also a bit too late. If he could have got it out at the beginning of the Vietnam War he would most likely have sold a lot more!

  • Jonathan

    Any idea what bugs this weapon system had? It seems like it would work beautifully to me, given the right tolerances and good magazines.

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