Finishing up the new anvil stand

Another weekend has come and gone. A few house hold projects were completed and a couple of minor projects worked on. Most of the weekend was spent on writing reports for work. Friday night for 2 hours, Saturday for a couple of hours in the morning and then again that night for a couple of more hours. Then Sunday from 6am to 11 am to finally finish them all up.

The only exciting project that I was able to work on this weekend was the new anvil stand I am building.

Using the router table I built a while back I cut a radius on the posts to allow them to fit inside the angle iron supports.

IMG_3764sThe radius cutter for the operation.

IMG_3765sAfter welding everything up it was a challenge moving it.

IMG_3766sClose up of the new stand.

IMG_3767sAs it stands in the fab shop. It still needs to be sanded on the top.

IMG_3772sWith the anvil set up on it.

IMG_3774sThe final step for the base is to install wheels to allow easier moving


2 comments to Finishing up the new anvil stand

  • Don

    When is the Japanese T-99 LMG magazine project going to be done??

    • Chuck

      I will not even go back to that until the VG1-5 is completed and they are sold. The deal I had to buy one and even put a down payment on it was sold to someone else. This kind of made me lose the desire to continue.

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