Finishing machining the safety for the AR-180B

We have finally finished machining the last part for the AR-180B safety. This is the master cam video showing the steps that were performed to complete this task.

With this last installment we have now completed machining the safety for the AR-180B.  This picture shows all the steps that we took to make the safety selector. The bottom on is an original.

DSC_5739csA close up of our safety to the original AR version.

DSC_5718csWe installed the newly made parts on my AR-180B rifle to verify proper fit.

DSC_5741csYou can see that both the pivot pin and safety fit properly.

DSC_5742csOur next step is waiting for the medium to come in to de-bur everything them off to heat treat on the shafts and start parkerizing the parts


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