AR-180B bolt hold open device

Short post for today, to much work yesterday and to little sleep. We finally received in the laser cur blanks for the bolt hold open lever. It looks good. We will need to finish machining it and then make a press tool to bend it properly.DSC_5728cs

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  • Jim Sturges

    Are there any plans to develop a bolt catch for the original AR-180 from this blank? Often bolt catches break. Old stock is nonexistent and hand made reproductions are very expensive. I would like to save my original and would buy one even if not 100% correct.
    Perhaps a new spring could be developed to use the rear location. The “Z” bend at the front for AR-180B would need to be eliminated too.
    Laser cut parts do look good!

    • Chuck

      Yes, I have a few items to get off my plate but we are going to do the original 180 bolt hold opens as well. The one in my rifle is broke.

  • Chuck

    Hello Jim.
    I would make copies of the original but to do it I need to make 100 to cover costs. I don’t think I can sell 100 of them.

  • Alex Monteith


    I am interested in buying AR-180B specific parts with the intent to use them in a NODAK ALUMINUM AR-180B lower. Parts from Armalite are very difficult to get. Once the word gets out I would guess you could sell more than 100 bolt hold open devices.

    Are you looking at making a torsion spring for the selector switch/bolt hold open device?

    Warm Regards,

    PS. No Dak sent me your way.

  • Eric X Equis

    The more I think about it… there may very well be a sizable market for a bolt hold open lever that is cut to work with unmodified STANAG/M16 followers. I know I would buy one! I’ve found taking cheap USA, Promag or other brand mags, cutting the slit for the mag catch and putting a new spring and Magpul anti-tilt follower works quite well in an AR180 (mine’s a Sterling). However, I hate modifying the follower to work in an AR180 as it will no longer function correctly in an M16/M4 platform. I have mags to fit both but followers for only one. Having a bolt hold lever that functions with standard STANAG/M16 followers would be quite the needed accessory/mod and allow only the mag catch as a mod and interchangeability between STANAG and AR18/180 mags.

  • Eric X Equis

    Should add to my previous comment “For use in original AR18/180″

  • Mike

    Nodak Spud pointed me in your direction. How do I go about purchasing some of these ar-180b parts?
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Arthur Benjamins

    Hi, I’m hoping I may be able to locate a bolt hold-open for the AR-180. Can you help, please?

  • Arthur Benjamins

    Would someone be able to pass me the correct dimension from the retaining hole center line – to the tip of the hold-open section, please? The rest I’ll scale and work out myself. It seems that I’ll have to fabricate my own, which is very do-able, even if this piece is more complex that the one used in the “B” type. many tanks in advance.

  • I am also very interested in a replacement bolt catch for the original 180s if Chuck could develop one to allow the AR 180 to take STANAG mags, personally that would be as valuable or more than a NDS-18S. Because right now, if you’re an owner of an original 180, if the bolt catch breaks (and you want a functional rifle) nodal is the only option… But it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the original, you have to go through an ffl, you would still have to buy one on the 180B completion kits and an AR 15 lower parts kit, totaling in around $750 by the time you add in stocks, oh and you would technically have 2 rifles but only 1 wood be operational at a time. So I think it wood be well worth $250. Just my two certs.

  • Gary Baker

    Has any one been able to locate or make a bolt catch for the original AR180 ?

  • Gary Baker

    Please let me know if anyone has had luck
    locating a bolt catch for the original AR 180.
    Aftermarket replica or original part makes no
    difference .

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