Cut away Bren gun

Just a quick post and a late one at that. I am a big fan of cut away guns as a learning tool. This is one of a bren gun I looked at while on one of my trips overseas.

IMG_0038cA close up of the receiver area

IMG_0039cA close up of the piston


3 comments to Cut away Bren gun

  • Rick Saunders

    Many years ago I discovered that ownership of ‘cut-a-ways’, whether an ‘animal’, engine or a firearm, provides a unique vision into the operating parts, and how they interact with the other parts. Unfortunately, with firearms, although they can not be fired, they still are firearms and are not legally owned by many, while the actual cost and value may be more that a firing model.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Chuck

    I have to agree with both of your statements. The cost for most cut away firearms that I have bought is a great deal higher then a typical model. It is also a shame that a cut away non firing weapon is still considered a weapon in the eyes of ATFE.

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