Converted Rifles

In this segment we are going to discuss rifles that were converted from one caliber to another to allow them to be used by the country that captured them or to convert them for training. I first got interested in this after reading about the Cuban revolution and the weapons that they used.This first segment will deal with the British rifles that were converted from 303 to 7.92×57 by the Turkish military. Two types of British rifles were known to have been converted. They were the Charger loaded Lee-Enfield and the MK3 SMLE. This set of pictures deals with the SMLE.

This rifle was converted at the Ankara arsenal and is marked on the top of the receiver with the Turkish star and cresent and year. The changes the rear sight has been changed to 2000 meters Mauser leaf type. The front bands, cleaning rod nose cap and bayonet boss have been changed to a Mauser type. The Magazine has been converter to a Mauser type and the charging bridge has been re-shaped to use a 7.92×57 type clip. There has also been added a strengthening rib added to the side of the receiver.

This is a picture of the complete rifle.

DSC_3887csA close up of the receiver and strengthening rib.



DSC_3892csMarkings on the receiver


The Mauser type magazine

DSC_3893cwsMauser type front band,bayonet lug and cleaning rod

DSC_3895cwsMauser type rear sight.


2 comments to Converted Rifles

  • Pete F.

    Interesting. I just did a FAL in 7.92X33 (8Kurz) Makes a nice shooter.

  • James Snelson

    Can anyone briefly tell me what is required to convert a semi auto Mk2 Bren from .303 to 7.62x54R caliber besides a converted barrel, a different extractor for the rimmed round, and a proper magazine(ZB33,I think)?. A conversion has been offered to me with a ‘new’ WWII Mk2 converted barrel, a ZB33 magazine, and a ‘spares box'(?), all in ‘mint’ condition for $600.00. Price sounds high to me, but I’ve never seen a conversion for sale and don’t know exactly what’s required as far as parts or modifications. Is this a worthwhile project to pursue, notwithstanding the asking price? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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