More going on at Gun Lab

With this post I am happy to note that Axel, a friend of gun lab, is back for a visit and as always we put him back to work. And unlike what most people think of me we did actually allow him some time off to go to the local gun show and stores.

This […]

Update on the router table

This last weekend more work was accomplished on the router table. As with the rest of the project we recycled as much as possible. The molding was added to the cabinet. Starting with a piece of an old oak cabinet that was cut over sized and planed to the proper dimension.

With any […]

Router Table update

I spent most of this weekend working on my router table. The VG1-5 is coming along and one of the major next steps is the stock for the rifle. I need the router table to do this. I did not have much of an opportunity to work on it last weekend, so it was full […]

VG1-5 stock making

When we made the first couple of stocks for the VG1-5 we used a fixture to hold the stock. This fixture held the wooden blank that we cut using the bandsaw and then using a hand held router we cut the radius on the out side edge of the stock.

This procedure was a little […]

Making a Chauchat magazine box

This last weekend was extremely busy, I ended up working all day Saturday and over 1/2 of Sunday at my primary business so not much time in the shop. That with the fact that it was 115degrees and no A/C in the shop meant not much time for projects.

However with the above said, some […]

More work in the Gun Room

I spent Sunday making the last of the gun racks for the gun room. After the last couple of weekends most of the new gun racks had bin built. I still needed to make a couple of racks for where the books used to be stored. While working on everything else the shorter rifle were […]

New router table

A while back a customer had a brand new router table set up that he did not like so he gave it to me. Keep in mind that this set up also came with a brand new porter cable router as well. Nice set up but it just did not meet my needs and as […]

Hotchkiss feed strip ammo box

I happen to own a Hotchkiss portative light machine gun. Now that I have it working, with the help of my friend John, I find it one of the more fun guns to shoot.

So since last December I have been working on a couple of accessories for it. Well it happen that on […]

Weekend update for 1-24-16

This is the run down of the fun and excitement that went on this last weekend.

We are testing out a new ejector design for the VG1-5. The original design that we used started to experience problems after several hundred rounds. The newer one will be a little more robust and a slightly better design. […]

More on the Kitchen

Saturday was spent working on the kitchen as well as a few other projects. Trying to get it operational by Christmas, trying. We will see. Today’s results allow use to set and start the top at least on the opposite wall.

This first picture is after the cabinets were attached to the wall and the […]