MP-44 repair sections

Today’s post is from a friend of the site that wanted a semi-auto MP-44 and did not want to deal with the capital out lay necessary to buy one of the few that came in. His answer to the problem was to make a repair section and then put in the necessary parts and changes […]

EM-2 30-06 rifle

During the time period that the EM-2 was design it was made in a variety of calibers. These calibers ranged from the original caliber of .280 to the NATO standard of 7.62×51 through 30/06. This post is dealing with the 30/06 rifle. Basically what they did was to cut and weld a 7.62×51 rifle to […]

Viet Cong 1911 look a like

On my trip through the mid-west I happen to have an opportunity to examine a Viet Cong copy of a 1911 pistol.

You can learn a great deal studying arms made with just basic tools. The first is that you can do anything with a file, chisel and hack saw. That is how this […]