Building a small Volkspistolen

Our friend Axel was here a while back and in one of our many conversations I mention that what was needed was a small 32 acp pistol that could be built with a minimum of tools, something like a WW2 German volkspistolen. Also being a fan of Impro guns,, I knew that it was […]

Home made single shot pistol

I am kind of a sucker for single shot pistols and have posted a few on this site. I am also have an interest in home made guns, other gunsmith sites and video’s on making guns. So this post will cover all these topics at one time.

He has come up with an interesting design […]

Chinese pistol

Last week Ian from Forgotten Weapons stopped by the house to borrow some equipment for an up coming video and he brought me a surprise. He had won at auction some Chinese pistols and had a few extras. So some horse trading perused. For some strange reason I just had to have this early Chinese […]

FN-Fal 7.92×33 second version

With the last post we made on the 7.92×33 FN-FAL we showed a FAL that had a new ejector block and magazine made to allow the rifle to shoot 7.92×33. This post will show a different approach to reach the same conclusion, shooting 7.92×33. This series of photographs comes from another friend of Gun Lab […]

The loss of an interesting web site

It appears that “DIY self defense”,( has gone off the air. It was a great site and he had cool stuff that he found and posted. It and Improv Guns ( were the only sites that dealt with home made firearms.

I have always found it interesting what people can come up with when weapons […]

Archive Photo’s 3-12

I shot these pictures while at Woolwick at the Rotunda. It was an absolutely great museum. It has since been closed down and replaced with a typical diorama walk through everything behind glass museum. In its day it was a place where you could study some small arms, but mostly artillery up close. I spent […]

VG1-5 update

It has been a while since we have chatted about the VG1-5 so I thought an update was in order. All the individual parts have been made and the first non-firing copy was made. This last weekend we finished a testing example to try and determine if any problems exist. We looked at everything from […]

Building a Stevens Single shot rifle video

I like gun building and that should be no surprise to anyone that comes to this sight. I also like any type of weapon. I found this series of videos on building a Stevens single shot rifle. There is a great deal of information in his video even though it is not a how to. […]

The Czech model 52 police carbine

I am not sure what to call this rifle. It started out as a Czech model 52 rifle in 7.62×45 with a 10 round magazine. Now it is a 7.62×39 carbine that uses ak-47 magazines and drums. It was a blast to shoot and handle. Here are some pictures of it.

The first few pictures […]

VG1-5 update

We here at Gun Lab are working hard to try and complete the first of the VG1-5 rifles in time for the SAR show. To tell you the truth it has been a challenge. The last week has been spent putting together the rifles and testing for fit and operation. We would find one small […]