The loss of an interesting web site

It appears that “DIY self defense”,( has gone off the air. It was a great site and he had cool stuff that he found and posted. It and Improv Guns ( were the only sites that dealt with home made firearms.

I have always found it interesting what people can come up with when weapons are outlawed by their government.

I will miss his site.

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  • We should be able to use the waybackmachine to look at older versions.

  • Dan E

    the rapid drive for censorship is unsettling

  • Chuck

    I am not sure why he gave it up. I enjoyed the site though.

  • diy-selfdefense mod

    The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…

    Sort of.

    First off, apologizes for the sudden disappearance of my tumblr account: diyselfdefense

    Had an IRL situation at the time that forced me to choose between deleting diyselfdefense and keeping my lovely apartment with a five minutes walking distance from work; Or keeping my tumblr account, ending up evicted by an overly emotional landlord and their better half and being forced to find another decent apartment with in less then 30 days.

    Protip: Have your laptop or computer OS password protected. Or have it powered down with the power cord and/or battery removed and stored safely away when even your landlord suddenly pops in for an “emergency maintenance visit”. Just because its in sleep mode or even shutdown, it won’t help to protect your privacy from determined nosy parkers.

    Also before anyone says “get a lawyer & sue ‘em”, I have better things to do with my time and money then to fight an emotionally fraught couple in court over a forced tumblr account deletion.

    Anyways, for those of you that are still in need of a certain tumblr blog with a fully weaponize armory brimming with handcrafted pre-apocalypse arms and vehicles, your days of mourning will be over…SOON

    But it won’t be at diyselfdefense(dot)tumblr(dot)com. Some idiot squatter already took over that url. >:(

    Instead, go to Bookmark it, follow it or whatever. It’s sorely lacking in content and theme design at the moment. But that’ll all change…SOON

    Hope to see you all in the near future,

    – diy-selfdefense mod

  • Chuck

    I for one am glade to hear that you are back. The site was one of my daily visits.

  • Chris

    Nothing at diy-selfdefense . Tumblr . Com, and the old one just has a bunch of bike stuff. Does anyone know where diy moved to or is he just done?

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