Viet Cong 1911 look a like

On my trip through the mid-west I happen to have an opportunity to examine a Viet CongĀ  copy of a 1911 pistol.


You can learn a great deal studying arms made with just basic tools. The first is that you can do anything with a file, chisel and hack saw. That is how this gun was made. It is crude and I am not real sure that it is safe. However, the owner did say that he has shot it with much reduced loads. This pistol has seen some rough usage, jungle life and all.


DSC_2065scEven the magazine was hand made.

DSC_2078scTaking a look at the pistol taken down and the first item that is noticed is that it is a blow back pistol with no lock up at all.DSC_2117csAlso some of it looks hot forged or brazed together.

DSC_2122scYou can also see some of the chisel marks.



DSC_2109scThe lower receiver is an interesting piece of work as well.


DSC_2100scYou can see that it is starting to crack. Interesting feed ramp design.

DSC_2126scThis is the lock up pin. It is what pins the barrel to the lower receiver. It also looks very battered.

The barrel to slide fit up is not great.

DSC_2123scAfter studying this pistol I do not think I would want to be on either end of it when shot.


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