The pictures of this  rifle was sent to us from Mr. H.F., a friend of gun lab.

This AR18S made by sterling for Armalite Costa mesa.  This and a AR180 were the first two sterling guns into USA.  Difference from an American AR18S:

  1. Serial number is AS033 – their meaning Automatic Shorty…033rd gun made, not 33rd Shorty.  The only gun in USA with that type serial number.  A=Auto,  S= semi and this one.
  2. Top receiver stamped AR18S , not like the American AR18S where nothing to mean a shorty.
  3. the barrel is about an 1 inch longer
  4. different style flash hider
  5. Flash hider has a front sling rotating clip
  6. Op rod has a sling clip on it.
  7. straight pull charging handle
  8. the Front pistol grip has a different style screw in block.
  9. A tad different, front hand guard cap

AR18s-2cThe selector and markings

AR18s-3The different type cocking handle

AR18s-4cBarrel proof markings

AR18s-1The different British style flash suppressor

AR18s-5cFire control group

AR18s-8cSee how the “S” is marked

AR18s-7Manufacture markings

AR18s-6A close up of the selector markings



AR18s-9Thanks for sharing these pictures of a rare and beautiful rifle

3 comments to AR-18s

  • I have been wanting detailed pics of this particular gun for some time. I had heard of it’s existence through the grapevine and that it might be the only one in the states. Tell your friend thank you so much for sharing. Maybe some day I can actually lay eyes on it or better yet own it myself.

  • Rick Saunders

    Awesome photos! Again, thank you for all you share.
    And, “Rick’s” love AR-180/AR-18’s!
    The unfortunate great little rifle which should have been commercially and militarily more successful.

    Rick Saunders

    PS Any definite plans on providing upper receivers in the future?

  • John

    Sterling started experimenting with shorter barrels but as in Colt’s AR 15 reliability was the factor in choosing to go longer . I don’t know where that goofy cocking handle came from because my factory AR 18s has a regular one .

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