Another Webley pistol

By now I am sure most of you know that I like Webley pistols. A friend of mine came by the house to show me a new Webley that he just added to his collection. This is a Webley Mark IV in 22lr.


DSC_0798csYou can see the serrated trigger.

DSC_0801csThe added height of the rear sight.


DSC_0799csThe markings indicating that it is a 22lr pistol.

DSC_0802csA nice view of the Webley flying bullet.

DSC_0803csThe back of the cylinder showing the 22lr chambers

DSC_0810csThe back plate of the 22lr pistol

DSC_0811csA comparison of a 38 and 22lr pistols

DSC_0804csLeft view

DSC_0806csThis is one of those pistols I would really like to have in my collection.

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