A special Thanks

I want to thank Greg at Allegheny Arsenal ,, for sending out some needed 7.92×33 ammo, brass and reloading dies.


Here at Gun Lab we go through a great deal of 7.92×33 ammo testing the weapons that we are making as well as making and using proof loads.

Two cases of prvi Partizan 7.92×33 ammo.

dsc_3928sI used to have a set of reloading and forming dies, then someone borrowed them and he and my reloading dies are gone. These will come in handy making the proof loads.

dsc_3927sAn additional 400 rounds of new boxer primed brass.

dsc_3929sThank you very much Greg.

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  • Dale Ding


    I have tried to send you a reply two times to your email, but it did not work. Here is the response:

    No problem at all.

    Do whatever you want with these pictures and information, they are made to be shared anyway. I am also receiving a Hakim rifle cutaway soon (serial number 2) with bayonet. I am probably going to write an article again. Are you also interested in such a cutaway?

    Also, do you have any additional info for the Hakim cutaways? Price or value reference? Context and reasons for production?

    Regards, Dale

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