East German KK-MPI-69

I came across this write at The Firearms Blog. I have always found the East German KK-MPI-69 to be an interesting rifle. I thought I would go into a little more depth on the parts of this fascinating trainer.

First the interesting write up at the firearm blob.

Now for some additional pictures of the rifle and some of it’s components.

The rifle and 5 magazines. Note the differences in bottom plates on the magazines. I have found two different magazines over the years.

dsc_4001csRear trunion

dsc_4042sFront upper and lower hand guard.

dsc_4003csFront barrel band.


dsc_4002csA complete bolt



This plate hold the 22 lr magazine in alignment and also hold the ejector.

dsc_4021csThe inside working of the rifle.


dsc_4019csTop cover. Totally different them a normal rifle.

dsc_4030csThe recoil system.



dsc_4016csA series of pictures on a cut front section. I bought some of these a few years back before I found a complete one.




dsc_3945csAn incomplete bolt.




9 comments to East German KK-MPI-69

  • Dan E

    looks fun as shoot, i like plinking range toys. weaponsguild is down for maintenance, dont know how long, hope it’s back soon

  • Jack

    I have a fully functional KK-MPi-69 semi autp I built I picked up when they first came in demilled from OOW I think

    it uses the same lower receiver blank, except there are no rail lower rails the internals are scaled down versions of full size ak parts . some parts interchange buttstock, triggeguard.
    the rear trunnion is different but similar. they are not interchangeable. fortunately there are plenty of spare parts

    I have a second kit w/ out barrel, I will be assembling. The barrel is/has been the greatest obstacle, I have a option, which is to us a 5.45mm barrel with a MACE 5,45mm to 22lr conversion adapter, the barrel twist is off, but it will be a plinker

    great little rifle and very accurate

  • Michael vickers

    Hi, I bought parts to build the KK MPI69 and the center support ejector is missing.
    Any chance someone has a cut off one or the deminsions so I can make one.
    Or where to find a complete one….

  • Mike

    I have been hanging on to a pair of german magazines for these rifles waiting to find one.
    I couldn’t wait any longer and got something else.
    If anyone needs a pair of mags with the weight to simulate a loaded 7.62 mag for training purposes, mine has the resin color plate. contact me.

    Michael Vickers inquiry; Desertfoxsales has parts for these.

  • tim

    i got bunch of east german kk mpi69 mags for sale

  • Tim

    if any body is looking to buy
    the East germasn kk mpi ak 22lr mags
    i have a few for sale

  • tim

    east german mpi 69 ak 22 lr 15 rd mag
    asking 10.00 each plus shiping

  • Goober

    CentfireSystems has four packs of surplus MPI69 AK 22LR 15rd mags for just under 20 bucks.

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