Working on the VG1-5 stock

With the router table completed, for the most part, we started working on the stocks for the VG1-5 rifle. This video takes the stock from a rough sawed pattern to the finished dimensional stock.

To complete this task we used two different router bits. The first bit


being a bearing guided bit that rides on the pattern that was made in the shop, by Axel,


and the second one is a bearing guided bit that runs across the stock.

dsc_3911sThis is a video of the process to make the stock.

With this step completed the next set of holes will be drilled on the drill press and then the stocks will be fitted to the individual rifles.

4 comments to Working on the VG1-5 stock

  • Lookin good my friend. I’m glad to see all the progress you are making on these.

  • Rick Saunders

    Great to see this.
    Made me remember how versatile a router is, especially with bearings on bits.
    Of course today folks are even using them for “milling” AR15 lowers……The magic of technology.
    Although, certainly a far cry from just a file and stones.

  • Jay

    Thank you for keep at it! My gun club has a large group that reenacts and many do follow your progress. We eagerly wait the final product.

  • Chris

    I am looking for a VG1-5 butt stock and hand grip.
    Please can anyone tell me how to get in contact with the people behind the VG1 project ?
    Hopefully they would be willing to sell a set of wooden parts to me ?
    Many thanks,

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