Working on the CNC router

A great deal of work went on this weekend and part of it was some work on the cnc router’

No, it is not up and running yet, however some of the components that were ordered finally arrived and we were able to start working on it again. The bad news is that some of the items we did order are not the correct parts that we needed.

The majority of work completed was minor as well as a number of solid models were drawn to start making our own parts.

As is always the case in any shop it needed to be cleaned off first so it could be worked on.

DSC_8906sNext the control panel was mounted in place.

DSC_8905sAll the limit switches were made from bent pieces of sheet metal and needed to be replaced.

DSC_8909sAluminum angle was cut and drilled then mounted to support the limit switches.

DSC_8910sAluminum angle stops were installed as well


DSC_8908sSimple things were accomplished. A number of drawings were completed in solid works to start generating the necessary drawings so to allow me to machine the new side panel and connector adapter.

More work will be completed this next weekend, hopefully the rest of the material will be here.

1 comment to Working on the CNC router

  • Martin

    A couple of questions.

    Is this machine steppers or servos?

    Is the controller DIY or a factory one?

    If DIY, what make/model are the motor controllers?

    FWIW. It’s time for me in the next few months to make a new DIY controller for a 3-1 mill/drill/lathe.

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